Jabberwocky G2
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In 1992 the original Jabberwocky sport kite was introduced as a field test of several innovative design features. As a result, not only did the Jabberwocky spark the imagination of kite designers, but the creativity of kite fliers as well. The Jabberwocky set new performance and competition standards, and remains one of the most respected kites of the 90's.

For this reason, IAB has brought back this memorable kite redesigned for a new generation of pilots. Jabberwocky G2 is a beautifully sculpted wing crafted from top quality sail and frame materials, sewn and assembled in the USA by Heads Up Kites.

The new G2 is geared to perform all the current popular tricks with style, as well as introduce a few new ones of its own. By adjusting the kite's outboard stand-offs, the trailing edge can be dialed in for varying performance standards according to the pilot's preference.

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