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Jabberwocky G2 pilot reviews.  

Troy Gunn
Heavy Wind Review:

The NEW Jabberwocky G2 Sport Kite.Just got done spending a couple hours flying the G2. Winds were between 15-25 mph. Line size 150lb x 120ft.

Even though it has a narrower wingspan than what I've been used to flying, I was impressed by how stable it flew. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't have much oversteer. Turns were very tight but precise when exiting turns. Snap stalls even in heavy winds were rock solid.

I was limited in the amount of slack line tricks that I could attempt, because of the heavy wind and strong pull of the kite. Axels and turtles were easy to pull off toward the window's edge. Tight spin landings were fun to do because of the kite's tight turning radius. Coin tosses were done with ease. Forward speed of the G2 was pretty fast, in the heavy winds. A small wind tamer would slow it down to just the right speed for heavy wind.

I didn't notice too much frame distortion in the heavy winds, except at the bottom spreader, near the center "T" fitting, had slight distortion. I adjusted the bridle tow point and pulled the nose forward slightly (moved the adjustment mark to where it was completely visible below the tow point), and that helped reduce pull and also reduced most of the lower spreader distortion.

The round caps on the wingtips appear to be very durable, but they may not supply enough of a sharp point on harder ground to pull of some ground tricks, such as wingtip stands, coin tosses. What I mean, is the round style of the wingtip caps, will probably cause the kite to try and slide on the wingtip, instead of the wingtip catching the ground so that the kite can be raised up onto it's tip.

Overall, It will be a good team kite if properly tuned by the fliers. And an even better pairs kite. Precision competitors will love it, because of it's rock solid flight. Trick fliers will love it, because it sets up very easily for slack line tricks! It has something to offer any sport kite flier! Very Nice Kite and great graphics!

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Troy Gunn
Light Wind Review:

This last weekend on day one of the festival, myself, Shane Snowden and others got to fly the G2 in various wind conditions.

The first day we were flying in winds that varied from 15-20mph. Shane is the 1998 AKA Masters Ballet Champ, and American Kite Circuit Champ. He was pulling off some amazing slack line tricks with the G2 in heavy winds.

Day two, the winds were 5-12 mph and we were able to really put the G2 through more test than ever before and found the kite rock solid in straight line passes and very proficient when doing any slack line tricks! People loved it, especially Shane!

Shane has been flying Jeff Howard's "Precisionist" and the new "Next", and he said he was able to do more tricks with the G2 and with more proficiency. He travels with me everywhere and subs for our team, so I'm sure he'll be flying it a lot.

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Jason Loyd
Jabberwocky G1 Review:

I bought two original Jabberwocky's way back in the 90's. I currently still fly them all the time and quite honestly it is the first kite I reach for in my bag and the one that people ask me about all the time. They are a little beat up from years of use but they still fly great and catch everyone's eye. Glad to see they are still being made and they have been improved on. Thanx for over 12 years of fun for me. I can't retire them they are just to much fun.

Jason owner of 2 original Jabberwocky's from 1996 flying strong from CA.

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