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Bob Childs started designing sport kites in 1989 when the current models where "too slow and bulky to do the radical maneuvers I was envisioning for competition." Close study and several prototypes would produce the kite that later became the Wizard, one of the original radical performers. "The Wizard was 'fire on ice' and allowed me to create such tricks as the Broken Yo-Yo."

Bob's landmark kite, the Jabberwocky, showcased his research in camber application and how wind manipulation could enhance sport kite performance. WhangDoodle pushed these experiments further using inflatable cells to create a convex multiform stunter.

Bob has been called a premier intuitive sport kite designer. Years of production experience help Bob to create top performing kites that can be efficiently manufactured and made affordable to the market. IAB celebrates over a decade of Bob Childs designs by introducing the Jabberwocky G2 anniversary issue.

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