Contact It's A Breeze Sport Kite Design for more information about our products.The new Jabberwocky G2 designed for the next generation of trick fliers.Complete list of sport kites designed by It's A Breeze Kites.Innovative, original sport kite designs by Bob Childs.Craftsmanship by Heads Up Kites.It's A Breeze Kites designing top performing sport kites since 1990.
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It's A Breeze Kites. More than ten years of leading sport kite design.
It's A Breeze Sport Kites.
Jabberwocky G2 - Radical slack-line trickster. Article  Reviews  Shop
Freeze Frame - Amazing 5ft. performer.  Shop
Stiletto - Super spinner.
Hot Avalanche - Zippy 4 footer.
Aerobat A-3 - Latest of the Aerobat legacy.
Mosaic - Prismatex and Wing Silencers. Article
Chicane - Radical and sharp with Wing Silencers.
'Zilla - Straight tracking precision.  Shop
Gremlin - 3 piece frame entry level stunter.
Skynasaur/Goblin  - 3ft. stacker with Prismatex.
Griffin - Performance for a low price. Article  Shop
WhangDoodle - Dual surface, inflated cells. Article
Jabberwocky - Camber manipulation. Article
Sorcerer - Wizard's big brother.
Wizard - Fast and radical 6 footer. Article  Shop
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